.BIO? BIO and Full stop!

All our products derive from nature. The unforgettable flavours are created from the best quality BIO ingredients.

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Our company

Exceptional .BIO products!

We are a Polish manufacturer specialising in the production of food from ecological BIO ingredients.

BIO are healthy products of natural origin, without any artificial additives: such as colourants or harmful preservatives.

What makes B-BIO products unrivalled?
All ingredients are BIO. Full stop! There is nothing else!

In creating our products we combine the most valuable ingredients. We are guided by both and innovation. At the same time, we act responsibly, we take care of the planet thus our packaging is recyclable.

Dziecięca Marka Roku 2020
We won the Kids' Brand of the Year award for 2020

Our ice cream has been awarded the Children's Brand of theKids' Brand of the Year 2020 medal

Ice cream quality and taste re‑defined.

Our ice cream features a short list of healthy BIO ingredients, from which we create full, unique flavours.

  • BIO ingredients: We use natural ingredients. Our products do not contain any colourants or preservatives.
  • A short ingredient list: Our products contain only the necessary ingredients. A short label guarantees that you know what you are eating!
  • Full, unique flavours: the combination of natural ingredients and a careful production process results in products with unique flavours!
Nowa definicja jakości i smaku
.BIO? BIO and Full stop!


Get to know our .BIO product range.

All our products derive from nature. Using top quality .BIO ingredients we create unforgettable ice cream flavours.

Lody .BIO Cools dla Dzieci

.BIO Cools Kids

Monstrously good .BIO ice cream, loved by all children!

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Lody .BIO Cools dla Dzieci

.BIO Cools Premium

This is what real ice cream tastes like! Best .BIO ingredients will satisfy the most demanding customers.

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Lody .BIO Cools dla Dzieci

.BIO Cools ice cream dots

The coldest .BIO ice cream by nature that sticks to the tongue!

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Lody .BIO Cools dla Dzieci

More products coming soon

We are growing for you. We are constantly expanding our .BIO product range!

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The point of sale was designed with attention to every detail, and thanks to attractive graphical design its will get noticed from a large distance.

The whole was made using durable materials resistant to all weather conditions

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