Monstrously good .BIO Cools ice dots!

Our unique flavours, which appeal to the most demanding customers, are composed entirely of natural ingredients to emphasize the uniqueness of their flavour.

Our .BIO Cools ice cream dots is really exceptional

Fresh cream

Our ice cream is made from BIO fresh cream from the best producers.

PL-EKO-03 EU agriculture/non-EU

We have an organic farming certificate.

Colours of fruit and vegetables

We use only natural colourants derived from fruit and vegetables. This has been confirmed by a certificate.

100% natural

To produce our ice cream we only use natural ingredients.

Discover our unique flavours:

Ikona smaku
Ikona smaku
Ikona smaku
Ikona smaku
Ikona smaku
Ikona smaku
Ikona smaku

Ice cream quality and taste re‑defined.

Our ice cream features a short list of healthy BIO ingredients, from which we create full, unique flavours.

  • BIO ingredients: We use natural ingredients. Our products do not contain any colourants or preservatives.
  • A short ingredient list: Our products contain only the necessary ingredients. A short label guarantees that you know what you are eating!
  • Full, unique flavours: the combination of natural ingredients and a careful production process results in products with unique flavours!
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